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How is Degenerative Disc Disease Treated?

If you’re dealing with back or neck pain due to degenerative discs, we can help you get your pain under control.

Our bodies change as we get older, but not all changes are pleasant. As we age, our spinal discs can develop signs of wear. Unfortunately, this everyday wear and tear can result in a sometimes-painful condition known as degenerative disc disease. If you are dealing with back or neck pain and you’re wondering why, our Victoria and Sugar Land TX, pain management doctors Dr. Wilson Almonte and Dr. Ted Lin can determine whether you could have degenerative disc disease and what to do about it.

What is degenerative disc disease?

This condition occurs over the years, as a result of constant motion and stress on the spine. This normal wear and tear can lead to deterioration of the discs of the spine, particularly the neck and lower back. This is something that can and often does get worse as we get older. While this certainly sounds like an uncomfortable issue this is not considered a disease, since this is something that naturally occurs with age.

How do I know that I’m dealing with degenerative disc disease?

You may notice pain flaring up in the location around the degenerating disc. The pain may get worse for days or even weeks before weakening into a low-grade but persistent form of pain. You may also be dealing with degenerative disc disease if you notice,

  • Pain that gets worse when lifting, bending or twisting
  • Pain that is alleviated when sitting or lying down
  • Pain that gets worse with prolonged sitting but is alleviated by changing positions regularly
  • Pain that may radiate to the shoulders, hands, hip, buttock or legs
  • Muscle tension
  • Instability or weakness of the spine

How is degenerative disc disease treated?

You’ll be happy to hear that unlike certain conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease will usually not lead to worsening pain or discomfort over time, nor will it lead to disability. Surgery is rarely needed, and our fellowship-trained interventional pain doctors can help ease symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease with simple non-surgical treatment options.

Some of the ways that our pain management team here in Victoria or the Greater Houston area will help you manage degenerative disc disease is with:

  • Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers
  • Heating or ice therapy
  • Spinal manipulation and massage therapy
  • Epidural steroid injections

If you are dealing with back or neck pain that is worse when sitting, or you notice numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, you could be dealing with degenerative disc disease. Call Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center, and Brazos Pain Management in Victoria or Sugar Land, TX today. To contact Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center, call (361) 575-2882. For Brazos Pain Management, call (281) 240-4300.